So, that’s me, Michael, trying out my new anti-gravity belt on Mount Pinatubo. I love traveling maybe even more than tech stuff, and as all I need for work is my notebook and internet, I’m usually somewhere on the road. Work-and-travel-2.0, notebook vagabond, internet warrior, how ever you want to call it.


After finishing university with some engineering degree, I gave it a try, to do the usual office career, but quickly found out, that I hate repetitive tasks and inefficiencies in big companies even more than grey offices and shitty weather. So I left for good and since then I enjoy being my own boss and my offices became somewhat more pleasant.


I’m quite interested in politics in general and net politics in special. I’m a passionate atheist, a big fan of human rights, freedom of speech and deregulation. Be careful, I can go into quite lengthy discussions there!