Dell: How can we help you?


Dear Dell team,

I’m a business user and in principle a big fan of your XPS series, especially due to the beautiful small frame, the long battery life and elegant design. I’d actually buy one, though, I totally don’t understand you model policy. The XPS was at least partly marketed as the perfect workhorse for business users. And, if you have low hardware requirements, it may actually be, but only in combination with the matte FHD screen. Let me briefly explain why:

For staring into any text editor, IDE or browser, QHD is just no gain at all. The resolution of the FHD display is absolutely sharp enough. Even with FHD you usually have to scale up your desktop fonts. The matte screen allows to work in brighter environments, e.g. outdoors. Dirt is less visible and annoying. This alone would already be enough for me, to prefer the FHD over the QHD display any time.


For the touch ability I have no need. What do I have a keyboard and touchpad for? Using it would just mess up the screen. I have a touch screen on my desktop, I never used it for years, the same for anyone I talked with. It’s just a fairly useless marketing gimmick.

But the real desaster about the QHD display (and the combined touch pad) is it’s energy consumption, which according to some reasonable tests reduces battery life by about a third. And this is a huge minus!

So all in all, this QHD display costs considerable extra money, while drastically gimping down the usability. But the high end hardware equipment is only bundled with this misfit of a display. This is ridiculous! Who on earth decided that? Can we developers with some need for hardware power please have the XPS with i7 and 16GB+, with long battery life and without QHD?

Kind Regards

Michael Loeffler